The Northern Pacific

For you detail aficionados, you may note that the consist is being headed by a four engine set of FT freight diesels which were seldom used in passenger service.  But quoting from Jim Frederickson's Railscapes © 2003:
"One day in 1946, the NP was blocked by a derailment somewhere between Spokane and Easton.  The two sections [NP passenger] being pulled into Spokane by steam engines were consolidated into one train for detouring over the Milwaukee Road.  The relatively new four-unit FT freight diesel 6008 drew the assignment of handling this lengthy train.  Although it returned to Northern Pacific rails at Easton, 6008 continued on into Seattle, earning the distinction of being the first diesel to pull a passenger train into Seattle."
So with some artistic license, return with us now to 1946.
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